Spirit Kid Network is a blog and online community created especially for families raising their children with spirituality in mind.

The idea came about when we realised how little information and support was available for families like ours. Falling somewhere between traditional religion and more “new age” spirituality, we draw inspiration from a range of paths including Paganism, Shamanism, Buddhism and Christianity. Never really fitting into any local groups or communities, we have looked online for support and found very little aimed at families with young children. And so Spirit Kid Network was born.

Wanting it to be more than a blog where we simply produce content based on our own experiences, we have a vision for Spirit Kid Network to grow into a community where other families can connect and share support and resources amongst themselves. With that in mind, we have developed various ways that members can get involved in the community – from the blog network through to the conversations taking place across social media. And we hope that as the community grows, so too will our ability to provide new ways for us to meet your needs.

We’re looking forward to this journey – won’t you join us?